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Agaricus Blazei Murill Extract

Exceptional Value for Premium Quality Agaricus Extract (blazei)!
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Important Note: We refer to the health supporting Agaricus as Agaricus blazei Murill because that is how it is still known to most people.  However, Paul Stamets labels the bottles as Agaricus brasilienisThese are synonyms referring to the same health supporting mushroom!  Regarding the confusing Latin nomenclature, see this quote from wikipedia:

"In 2002, Didukh and Wasser rejected the name A. blazei and called the Brazilian fungi Agaricus brasiliensis; this was rejected by Kerrigan through genetic and interfertility testing on several fungal strains. Samples of the Brazilian strains called A. blazei and A. braziliensis proved to be genetically similar to, and interfertile with, the North American population of Agaricus subrufescens. These tests also found European samples called A. rufotegulis to be of the same species. Because Agaricus subrufescensis is the oldest name, it is traditionally considered the scientifically, historically correct name."

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  Agaricus blazei Murill Extract

Agaricus blazei Murill extract is the highest in beta glucans of any health supporting mushroom extract.   It has been shown in several studies to help the immune system combat tumors 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140 as well as possessing other immune enhancing properties.

The mycelium contains higher levels of health supporting compounds than the fruit body, and alcohol is the most effective way to extract them from the mycelium. 25  Alcohol also helps as a carrier medium to more effectively deliver the compounds to the body tissues.

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