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Latin synonyms: Piptoporus betulinus, Polyporus betulinus, Ungulina betulina
Common name synonyms: Birch Bracket, Birch Conk, Kanbatake

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                        Polypore Birch Polypore, as the name suggests, grows on dead or dying Birch trees.  It can be found in birch forests around the world.

Birch Polypore's main claim to fame to the general population is that it was found among the possessions of ÷tzi, the mummified stone age man from 5,300 years ago whose remains were found in 1991 in a glacial ice cave on the border of Italy and Austria.

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It is believed that ÷tzi used Birch Polypore as a remedy against intestinal parasites, in particular Trichuris trichuria. 190

                        Polypore Extract The traditional use of Birch Polypore extract does indeed include use as an anti-parasitic agent, as well as to stop bleeding, and as an antimicrobial agent in general. 25

A finding in 1997 confirmed that certain compounds in Birch Polypore extract help diminish chronic dermal inflammation 191 and being generally anti-inflammatory. 192  It was found effective against Bacillus megateterium, 194 and a study in 2000 found it to contain an antibiotic compound named Piptamine. 193  Paul Stamets suggests that it be studied for effectiveness against Bacillus anthracis, more commonly known as anthrax. 134

Another important compound of Birch Polypore extract is Betulinic Acid, a compound from Birch that gets extracted and concentrated by the Birch Polypore.  A melanoma study conducted in 1995 showed that Betulinic Acid was toxic to malignant melanoma cells without affecting healthy cells 195.  A possible mechanism of the anti-tumor property of Birch Polypore extract was suggested in 2002 when it was demonstrated to inhibit enzyme activity involved in tumor development. 196

                        Birch Polypore

In 2001, betulinic acid derivatives of Birch Polypore extract demonstrated unique antiviral effects against HIV by blocking HIV reproduction. 197

Paul Stamets, who produces our Birch Polypore extract, filed a patent in 2004 after researchers at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID) reported that his Birch Polypore extract selectively killed the cowpox and vaccinia viruses without harming human cells. 134

In his book "Mycelium Running," health supporting mushroom expert Paul Stamets also lists Birch Polypore extract as an Immune Booster. 134


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Known active compounds of Birch Polypore:

Agaric Acid
Betulinic Acid
Single stranded RNA

                        Polypore infested birch tree




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