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What Makes Our Health Mushrooms Better?

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Hot Water Extract vs. Alcohol

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  1. Certified Organic
  2. Most potent original strains hand-picked by world leading mushroom expert Paul Stamets
  3. Purest growing conditions - uncontaminated by other fungi, bacteria or heavy metals
  4. Expert extraction and processing guarantees highest concentration and availability of active compounds

Certified organic: Our mushrooms are grown on pristine, uncontaminated land near Mt. Olympus, WA, under strict certified organic guidelines.

                        nobilissimus, Paul Stamets
Paul Stamets posing next to Bridgeoporus nobilissimus - a polypore found exclusively in the old growth rainforests of Oregon and Washington state, which may live for several hundred years.  Photo by Dusty Wu Yao.
Most potent: Many cultures of fungi grown commercially are hundreds of generations removed from their fully potentized, wild ancestors. Expecting them to work might be like releasing a litter of Shitzu dogs in a Siberian wilderness area and expect them to fend for themselves like wolves.
P-value refers to the number of generations that a particular strain of mushroom is removed from its fully potentized origins. The first time a culture is collected from the wild and cultivated, its age is denoted with the P-value P-O. Each successive growth after that is given the numbers P-1, P-2, etc. Our strains are the most potent strains directly from nature, hand-picked by Paul Stamets, and have P-values below P-12. These powerful strains are not available from any other source.

Pure growing conditions:  Paul Stamets cultivates his fungi and mushrooms under the most rigorously controlled conditions in his own facilities, using decades of his own expert experience as well as drawing upon the knowledge of having collaborated with the most accomplished fungi experts of the Orient. Which is why we dare say that our Paul Stamets cultivated mushrooms and fungi are the most highly potentized, purest, most contamination-free on the market.

Expert extraction & processing: It is easy to take shortcuts when preparing mushroom extracts.  The mushroom cell wall (chitin) is indigestible to humans and requires expert preparation in order to be broken down so the health promoting compounds become optimally available.  Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor), for example, has to be boiled for 62 hours to break down the cell wall and make the health promoting compounds available.  Shiitake requires alcohol extraction of the mycelium for some of the most powerful compounds.  That's why our Shiitake is only available as an alcohol extract, not capsules.  Similar expertise is applied to all our health supporting mushroom products, to ensure their highest effectiveness.

Case in Point - Agaricus Extract & Agaritines

Quote from Paul Stamets' own web-site:

"Although the Brazilian Blazei (Agaricus brasiliensis =Agaricus blazei ss. Heinemann) has been shown to have several beneficial active constituents, this species also produces agaritine, a toxic carcinogen, as do button, crimini and portobello mushrooms (whose scientific name is Agaricus bisporus, also called Agaricus brunnescens). Paul Stamets covered this subject in detail in the 3rd edition of "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms" (2000; pp. 221–223), and still stands by those statements."

"Years ago, Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti developed methods that precluded agaritines, and Stijve et al. (2003) published a comparison of commercial products from the US, China, and Japan. All but Fungi Perfecti's products contained significant amounts of agaritine."

"Fungi Perfecti's freeze-dried powdered mycelium and ethanol/water extracts of live mycelium were well below detectable levels using the methods employed by Dr. Stijve. Dr. Stijve also noted that tryptophans can form mutagenic cyclic amines when processed at high temperatures and that urea can be toxic, both of which are in much higher levels in the fruitbodies and nearly absent in the mycelium."

Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee: Because we know we have the best, most potent mushroom remedies anywhere, you can try any one of our products and if you are not fully satisfied with the results, mail it back to us with part of the content for a full product refund.*


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* Satisfaction Guarantee Policy:  One bottle per product per customer within 6 months of purchase.



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