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Truffle Pigs How do you find mushrooms that grow under the surface of the Earth?  You may need to do what other mushroom lovers do, sniff the air, follow the scent, and then plunge your snout into the dirt, grubbing for treasure...

...or, you may take the help of someone who does just that... a truffle expert extraordinaire.  Some say he's a pig, but hey, he knows his stuff unlike any other.  So at $330-$900 per pound for this stuff - not to mention the gustatory delight it brings - it my be worth putting up with some porcine behavior.

The pig is the traditional animal of choice for truffle hunting in Europe, particularly in France.  Others say the dog is preferred because it's easier to train at not eating the goodies, once found.  But hey, what's the fun in pursuing such a venerable tradition as truffle hunting only to break with tradition?  Maybe he is a pig...  I'm just saying...  Be professional...  Work with him.   He's simply the best at what he does - no contest.

Get with the Truffle Pig!


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